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See listings, Haves and Wants from Century 21 members of ICIWorld.

Mastering the Powers of the Internet AND How To Work Exclusive Information.

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Started in 1994 as an electronic equivalent of classified ads in a newspaper to minimize costs in a real estate brokers office for advertising and networking with the world. 75% of the 30,000+ contacts are exclusive contacts for opportunities not on real estate boards for commercial and residential real estate. It is a real estate broker centric service, serving the public daily. More real estate opportunities become available to the public as a result that are not on real estate boards yet provided by members of real estate boards. See About ICIWorld.

For the Public

It is busy with real estate Haves and Wants.

Commercial and Residential. 50-150 new ones daily.

Search daily on your phone at www.iciworld.mobi

This is Have and Want information from the real estate industry . . . at your fingertips!

You can set a shortcut on your phone to iciworld.mobi and/or install the ICIWorld App on your iPhone or Android and search information from daily.

Information is being placed by an industry of Realtors in Database 1 and the public in Database 2 FSBO's. (For Sale By Owner)

One of the worlds largest sites for networking exclusive real estate information, properties coming for sale, power of sales, Wants for all kinds of real estate and businesses, and much more. 75% of the listings are exclusive not on real estate boards.

Note For ICIWorld Executive Members: Listings, Haves and Wants must be less than 90 days old to be displayed on the ICIWorld Apps for iPhones, Androids and the shortcut to the mobile website iciworld.mobi

For Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople

Register Webinar How To Promote Your Website

Register Webinar How To Work Exclusive Real Estate Information

Webinars and following seminar conducted by a real estate broker in the business 40+ years.

Listen and see a recording of last ICIWorld seminar Aug 12 at a Century 21 Office


Get all your prospects, clients, all in your sphere of influence . . . to add your mobile website . . . to their mobile phones!

This is the new Internet Revolution - Mobile Real Estate Websites.

Do it before the competition has their website on your customers phones.

Do it wrong you miss out.

Do it right and you are well positioned.

Do it before other brokers beat you to the punch and get their mobile site onto your customers phones!


ICIWorld is one service that can totally help you with a new website or with your existing website by providing listings, Haves and Wants for your website (we call them ICIWorld Widgets) where the prospect or client HAS to call YOU for more information.

The moment you add them the next person that sees a listing has to call you.

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Three major world networks, not just a real estate board listing service.

Gives the public more choices through exclusive listings that are not on real estate boards.

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Call anytime to ask questions or for a demo.

Mobile websites are free for one month.

Then if you want to keep it, $199/year ie: $16.50/mo.

If you already have a mobile website you can add the ICIWorld Widgets of Listings to your website. People can not click on the numbers or see an address. They have to call you! The moment they are installed, the next person who visits your website has to call you.

See Sample Websites of Other Website Hosting Companies

with ICIWorld Widgets of Listings

Membership whats included


We help you network your information to trigger leads.

We help you set up your new website or add widgets to your existing website to trigger leads.

See the Testimonials and get excited.

Canada 416-777-2633 Cell. 416-214-4875

USA 954-317-2327 North America 1-877-272-1721

All new people should simply go to www.iciworld.com to learn and make it all work for you.

Gary Nusca, CCIM
Since 1994

A National Database of Exclusive Real Estate Listings, Haves and Wants

A Global Brokers Real Estate Information Listing Service to serve the public.

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