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If you miss one thing on this page . . .

you can be missing doing deals and not realize it.

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Make a 60 minute appointment for assistance

Within 60 minutes you will be able to:

  1. know how to place Haves and Wants from 30 seconds to a few minutes; Assistance to place listings
  2. be subscribed to receive a daily digest of exclusive listings by EMail;
  3. search on your phone to display buying and selling opportunities within 3 to 7 seconds;
  4. order the Widgets, listings for your website that trigger leads for you. Send the EMail of instructions to your website designer. They work 24/7 updating automatically.;
  5. learn an important ICIWorld Marketing Plan involving your mobile website site. All your customers should have your mobile website . . . on their phone, mobile devices. See The Race Is On Blog
  6. know how to measure your success every 90 days and what to do about it. Our Pledge.
  7. You may never need to talk to us again as you will a) search from time to time on your phone and make connections to do business, and b) add, modify and delete your listings every 30-60 days. Genrate leads, showings to make money.
  8. Further assistance is provided by ICIWorld's educational Youtube Channel, and subscribing to all items in ICIWorld's social media page with periodic updates, announcements.
  9. We send out a monthly email checklist, a tuneup, especially important if you are not making money.
  10. For any and all questions and assistance simply make an appointment, because phone calls kill us both. Time permitting we always like to do a fast checkup of your membership, website, etc. 10 minutes before your time, get on the Internet, go to and click on Webinars, Workshop near the top of the page or on the link in the email that you receive.

Go to, click on For Members, click on Number 7 Executive Member Training and Support

ICIWorld provides real estate networking daily for real estate brokers and salespeople . . . on a grand scale.

Your responsibility on behalf of your clients and prospects and to make money for yourself:

You just have to get your information working 24/7 onto ICIWorld and keep it up to date less than 90 days old or you are missing opportunities to make money and do not realize it.


For Licensed Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople . . . Worldwide.

Real estate networking on all phones with people in 138 countries. Unlimited ads . . . unlimited networking . . . ALL YEAR LONG . . . for the cost . . . of one ad . . . in a newspaper . . . for one day.

Minimum Guidelines To Maximize Your Opportunities to Trigger Leads

People from 138 countries and locally see your Haves and Wants and can contact you, when you:

  • search the new listings, Haves and Wants from time to time and do it within 3-7 seconds
  • place Haves and Wants on ICIWorld for the world to see
  • keep them less than 90 days old
  • place at least ten Haves and Five Wants
  • install the Widgets on YOUR website

And if you are not getting calls, inquiries, you must call us.

See Our Pledge and what we do to help.

For Licensed Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople . . . Worldwide.

Real estate networking on all phones with people in 138 countries. Unlimited ads . . . unlimited networking . . . ALL YEAR LONG . . . for the cost . . . of one ad . . . in a newspaper . . . for one day.

For those who do not know how,

  • click on the video to play and pause.
  • Press the little square button at the bottom right hand corner to maximize and minimize the video.
  • Any problems call 416-214-4875.

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Training and Orientation For Executive Members World Wide

Get your information to do the work networking 24/7.

Welcome to all who have recently joined, renewed, existing and past members.

Most everything is a one time setup and learning curve. Call to make an appointment for a 30 minute orientation, consultation anytime 416-214-4875. Have a pad of paper and pencil to take a few notes. Our checklist ensures you know what it takes to generate leads regularly and do deals.

Time is Money

There is really only two things you will do from time to time once you have been through this page.

  • Add listings, Haves and Wants from time to time.

    We recommend to modify them every 30-60 days and never let them go longer than 90 days old or . . . they do not show up on the ICIWorld Apps and mobile

    If you modify them BEFORE 30 days they do not get sent out to the industry by EMails to 20,000+/- Daily Subscribers.

    And you should have a minimum of fifteen Haves and Wants. Learn how to work work exclusive real estate information. See Number 3 below.

    Then let ICIWorld work to network your information, your listings, Haves and Wants globally 24/7 while you are doing other things!

  • Search from time to time.

    Search and learn how to search on your mobile phone.

    Make connections to network, show property and do deals. All members should learn how to do this within 30 seconds on their mobile phones! If you are with a customer you can press one button that brings up buyers and sellers, MLS and Exclusive, commercial and residential real estate that shows how well connected you are into the buyers and sellers in the marketplace.

    It is these networks of access to information that gives you the power of networking.

    That's it.

Measure your success with . . . Our Pledge

We care. Call us if you do not measure up. Consider it like an information tune up like an oil change for your car. We can help if you let us. Many times in a matter of minutes we find things you may have missed.

There is a checklist to help everyone take advantage. The ones who do not know it . . . miss out.

Never let your membership go longer than 90 days without either doing a deal or at the very least developing good business relationships with people that you feel will lead to doing business with someday or . . . you better give us a call and with for a cup of coffee and a 30 minute workshop, we can immediately identify what you are missing. We care to make it work for you.

Executive Member Training and Support

Until you have at least fifteen Haves and Wants working, all less than 90 days old and until you have the ICIWorld Widgets working on your website properly, you have not really used ICIWorld. This means you need to learn how to work Exclusive Information and you need to order the widgets. Resources and what you need to know read everything on this page. Each item can be the difference between making $25,000 or any amount or making zero. If you doubt anything give us a call and we can explain.

  1. Log In On the Left in the green column with the red diamonds.

    Change your password,

    Modify your record,


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    Logging In to Instructions (PDF file you can print) Orientation Video

    Orientation Video

  2. Go to and see Search. Learn the different search tools. Find the one or more that works best for you. If you can not find a buyer or seller within 60 seconds on your phone or on a computer give us a call and we will show you how. How fast can you tell me how many listings there are in Toronto? On your mobile phone! If you can not do it within 60 seconds or less, you fail. Call us and we will help.

  3. Learn How To Work Exclusive Information A video. The Three Questions, 12 minutes long. You are no longer restricted to making money with just a real estate board. Now you can do both. This expands your opportunities to do business. ICIWorld is a Real Estate Information Listing Service. Make money with information not just listings on a real estate board. ICIWorld operating since 1994.

    We recommend all members have a minimum of fifteen Have and Want opportunities to generate leads and showings within 90 days of joining.

    You might only have one or two listings on a real estate board, but it is so easy to have information working for you. Call anytime to chat. See the testimonials of members doing deals that were started on ICIWorld not on a real estate board. Yes all members advertise their real estate board listings as well because of the world marketing exposure.

    It has helped some members make $50,000 within three months of learning them.

  4. All Executive Members should review videos 2-7 in the Training Videos on the left. It includes the How To Place a Want properly, How to Place a Have properly. Your information is instantly on the Internet and reaches up to 40,000+/- over this next month. Renew your listings every 30-60 days and never let them go more than 90 days old. See Video #17 Domain Names, Videos #15 How To Promote Your Website.

  5. You Tube Video Five Ways to Generate Leads.

    Resources on ICIWorld include our Educational You Tube Channel. Recordings of Seminars, Webinars, etc.

    If you have missed any of our seminars, here is what is included. Includes a review of concepts of information services and how it is inevitable that they work for every single licensed real estate person in the world. Of importance and benefit for all registered real estate salespeople in the world. Yes it is 52 minutes but it is a culmination of money making ideas, concepts developed over the last 20 years helping brokers and salespeople make money using the powers of the Internet. All this developed by a broker from a brokers point of view with input and feedback and input from brokers all to benefit the public using the powers of the Internet. There are unique services and content here that are not available on any other service in the world.

  6. Do your searches from all mobile devices. a) On your phone, open an Internet browser and go to Then, add it to you home screen.

    b) Also add the App to your Android or iPhone. Search iciworld in the App or Play Store, install it.

    In both of the above cases you will have the following choices on your mobile phone! Learn how to search the latest of anything you want by city, by key word, by category, by the latest residential or commercial buyers or exclusive properties coming for sale, etc.

    Search with commercial real estate key words

    Search with residential key words

    NOTICE FOR MEMBERS: Make sure your listings, Haves and Wants are less than 90 days old or they do not show up on the ICIWorld Apps World Wide.

  7. ICIWorld WIDGETS - Internet Real Estate Lead Generation


    See sample websites with ICIWorld Widgets

    Instructions for your website designer You will need your member identifier as well as your log in id both available on your member record.

    Make sure the ICIWorld Widgets are working on your website. THIS IS LEAD GENERATION AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING EXCEPT INSTALL THE LINKS ON YOUR WEBSITE! We send the links to you by EMail. It is absolutely inevitable that you generate leads unless you have little or not traffic to your website;

    They go on all real estate broker and salesperson websites in the world tailored for you and your area.

    They are unique from ICIWorld in the marketplace because 75% of the information is not on real estate boards!!!

    Grow your business with ICIWorld Widgets. Because they contain links to listings that engage your audience to call you.

    Like sparkplugs are for a car . . . ICIWorld Widgets are sparkplugs for all real estate websites. The moment they are installed, the very next person who sees a listing, Have or Want has to call YOU for more information. Do referrals and direct business! It is inevitable that every single member generate leads unless you have no or little traffic to your website.

    Links include residential, commercial, power of sales, waterfront, hotels, million dollar homes, that generate leads. Everyone agrees it is absolutely inevitable to generate leads for ever single member!

    Take the monthly program How To Promote Your Website every single month until you are generating leads! See Webinars and Register

    ICIWorld Widgets generate leads for every single member!

    There are specialized links that are totally different for each and every member based on geographic area of the world that you work in and the specialties that you want to highlight. If you do not have these links you are missing out and do not realize it!


  8. Mobile Websites. This is new Internet Revolution in Real Estate and Real Estate Lead Generation

    The Race Is On Get all your customers to put YOUR website on THEIR mobile phone as a shortcut. That way whenever they or their friends and family talk real estate, they use your mobile website as a resource and call you to see real estate. DO THIS BEFORE YOUR COMPETITION DOES IT.

    ORDER WEBSITE HERE Free for one month. Complete turn key set up and includes teaching how to use it, how to promote your website, customizing, widgets and more.

    Websites See Samples

    These websites are more powerful than a $30,000 web site because of the content that triggers leads, namely listings, MLS, exclusive, commercia, residential from three major world networks, not just one real estate board. And they can be programmed to send out new listing alerts.

    Make sure you have a Mobile Website the new revolution in lead generation Websites (includes mobile website!!!) are free for one month then $199/year if you want to keep it. (Works out to $16.50/mo.) We totally set it up for you. It is totally customizable by you. If you do not have one, shame on you. Your customers will love them! You will be sending people to YOUR website to search MLS such as TREB MLS, exclusive listings, commercial, residential, color photos, slide show displays, and much more. People from all over the world can bring YOUR website up on THEIR MOBILE PHONE. They can search and then call you for a listing they want to see. We stock it with automatic links that update daily with new listings and you do not have to do a thing . . . except promote your website.

  9. How To Promote Your Website - Register NOW.

    Register and if you can not make it, a copy of the recording will be sent to you by EMail after the event.

    What good is a website if you have no traffic to your website!

    Register every month until you are generating leads!

    This Monthly Live Webinar teaches real estate brokers and salespeople what they can do to generate traffic to their website. All in the world are invited. You are lucky because it is real estate that provides the highest return on Investment on the Internet. One lead can make you a lot of money. Learn how to generate leads the rest of your life and for some just do referrals the rest of your life which are averaging $3,000-$10,000. If you visit our You Tube channel below you will find recorded videos on How To Promote Your Website.

    LISTEN TO RECORDING How To Promote Your Website Recording.

  10. Assistance provided world wide by way of 30 minute one on one Webinar Workshops. Daily 7am-4pm Toronto New York Miami time. USA 954-317-2327 Canada 416-840-6227 Just call to make an appointment. 416-214-4875 after hours and weekends.

  11. ICIWorld Our PledgeMeasure Your Success On ICIWorld with: Our Pledge and . . . solutions if you are not making money or generating leads every 90 days!

    Material Defects

    There are over 3.5 billion people using the Internet and is a premier service that helps your ads get found and distributes your postings to 20,000+ daily. It is inevitable that every single member on ICIWorld either do a deal every 90 days or at the very least develop good business relationships with someone otherwise you call us.

    Once fixed most things work on auto pilot. It literally can be the difference between making money or making zero. It can be like a light switch turning on.  All of a sudden the next person that visits your web site and sees a listing that they are interested in, has to call you! Real estate provides the highest return on investment (ROI) of any industry on the Internet.

    One lead can make one $3,000 to $10,000 to $50,000 and more and happy and satisfied customers.

    See others who are doing it now! See testimonials. Every single member should have a testimonial or call us and give us a chance to help.

    ICIWorld Education
  12. For an overview of ICIWorld, How to Work Exclusive Information and the power of the tools on this page, listen to our recorded Webinars and seminars.

    Understanding and How to Use the Powers of the Internet.

    for your real estate office, group, board, association, etc. Make sure you see comments of past attendees.

    Also available on You Tube Sort for latest date. Just supply a date, time and place. It is all about using ICIWorld and the Powers of the Internet for Networking and Lead Generation

  13. Sponsorship Program Sponsor a member and your renewal can be $240 rather than $319 . . . AND . . . the new member can join for $240 for one year. All people you refer just have to mention your name and your renewal is $240 and each additional person you refer we add 3 months on to your membership. Refer 4 and receive a year free. AND . . . the new person joining can join for one year at $240 and save.

  14. Instructions for your web site designer to install revenue producing links ICIWorld Widgets for all your web sites!

  15. Reference Startup Video, This is what we cover on your first 30 minute orientation session. See on You Tube  | WMV file Monthly Checklist for Executive Members

    Maximize your opportunities to make money. Table of Contents Any problems, Just Ask

  16. Principals Only

  17. Sponsorship Program - Sponsor a member during your term as a member and your renewal will be $240 rather than $319 . . . AND . . . the new member can join for $240. Send us an EMail with their name so we can add it to your record.

  18. Statistics

  19. Results in 60 seconds for searches. Part of our promotion to bring more traffic for all members listings, Haves and Wants is to do trade shows with our booth and handout circulars, advertise in industry wide trade publications and events.

    This brochure was provided on 5,000 seats at the Tony Robbins Seminar, with brochures handed out at the Franchise Expo where over 4,000 attended walking by our booth. These are great shows with buyers and sellers, all who know about the listings on ICIWorld.

    NOTE: members must keep their listings less than 90 days old to be displayed on any ICIWorld App for all mobile devices in the world.

  20. Yearly checkup with us one one one. Make an appointment.

    There always are suggestions and recommendations that members say they appreciate and that they did not know before. This is even amongst experienced members. And in this business, just one idea can make one a lot of money.

    Many are surprised of things they did not know that can help them generate revenue.

  21. Seminar Handouts

A major promotion with several industry trade publications front page is underway reaching 300,000+ people on the front page for people to go to and see your listings and to install the ICIWorld App for future use to search Haves and Wants anytime.

THIS IS INDUSTRY WIDE REAL ESTATE NETWORKING ON YOUR PHONE! Never before has it been so simple . . . and . . . so convenient.

Once people add or the ICIWorld App they always have it. Click on Search Database daily to see the latest. The App is a link to your listings, Haves and Wants from all mobile devices, phones! Also for mobile phones We have handed out over 10,000 brochures at business shows with these on it. BUT . . .

All items on this page provide a minimum set of guidelines that has helped Executive Members generate income.

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Subscribe to ICIWorld EMail List Servers to Receive Listings by EMail

Choose your city. Choose a state or province and choose the Digest Method. That way you only get one EMail at the most per day, with the new listings in it, whether there are 2 or 20 listings. Includes complete contact information.

Add the ICIWorld App to your mobile phone.

Go to the App Store on your iPhone.

Search for iciworld and install it.

Add the ICIWorld App to your mobile phone.

Go to the Play Store on your Android.

Search for iciworld and install it.

Use the new Have/Want Age Field

We do not delete listings for five years. It is up to you to choose how far back you wish to search. The default is 90 days.

Why do we do this?

  1. The buildings are still there.
  2. The people contacts are still there.
  3. The only thing that has changed is the circumstances and today they may even better than before.
  4. The listings identify the people who may have the contacts for the type of property you are looking for.
  5. They may have other listings similar.
  6. They are knowledgeable about that area you are looking and types of property.
  7. 50% of the deals in one study were done from commercial brokers networking with others, discussing other opportunities not on ICIWorld and they went off and did a deal.
  8. The connection was made as a result of making a connection on ICIWorld.

AND ALSO ADD the mobile website to your home screen. For all mobile phones in the world, Blackberries, Windows, Androids and iPhones.

Market your information! Connect, network and do business with others.

Make your information available world wide on all mobile devices.

It's unlimited marketing to a world audience Haves and Wants . . . all year long . . . with an Executive Membership.

Get your information into a major growing network of people and connect with others.