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It is absolutely inevitable that every single member does business or you call us! See Our Pledge.


Daily Webinar Workshops world wide support Our Pledge.


Tour of our Data Center in San Jose, California.

Our goal is to help every real estate salesperson connect to do referrals and/or direct business.

Why should all real estate brokers and salespeople in the world subscribe to the ICIWorld service bureau?


Designed for all real estate brokers and salespeople in the world to serve the public.

It is one major tool to include in your "brokers information tool box."

Hi tech . . . low cost.

One of the largest web sites in the world for the marketing and networking of real estate information.

Designed to remove the high cost of advertising and networking by providing unlimited world wide networking . . . easy.

Just one tip can help you make a lot of money. There are hundreds of concepts, ideas and tips to help you.

Here is one "we show you how to sell advertising on your web site!" 

It just paid for itself!

There are hundreds of sound tips to help you!

It is just one important tool that all licensed real estate salespeople in the world should have as a marketing tool. Without it you do not have the advantage that some of your competitors have. Stay up to date with the latest Internet marketing tools.

It is only $240 per year and we have people making hundreds of thousands of dollars.

See the largest number of testimonials of any service on the Internet. See testimonials.

Provide one of the best services and provide this marketing exposure for your clients and prospects. Otherwise you are missing out.

"You can sell one ad on a web site that we supply to you as a member and it will make you a profit.  We show you how. So it is not the cost of membership because to every member the service enables you to provide services to the public and you help them and yourself to make money."

Once you have the ICIWorld services working for you, you will never send anyone to ICIWorld ever again!  You will only send them to YOUR OWN WEB SITE. 

Hi tech . . . low cost.

You could be a member for ten years and that would be $2,400.  One lead from the first person to see the link to listings that we place on your home page and that can generate a $5,000 referral that just paid for 20 years service!

You can do this with just one service out of many. See our referral brokers and retired brokers programs.

If you have not done business in the first 90 days, call us!


  • networking is free.

  • You just have to know who to network with.

  • ICIWorld

To increase your
"Net Worth" . . . increase your "Network".




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In the new economy, information, education, and motivation are everything. Bill Clinton

Specialized Internet Services for every single Commercial and Residential
Real Estate Broker and Salesperson in the World.

ICIWorld Executive Membership

Any questions please call USA 954-317-2327, Canada 416-840-6227 after hours 416-214-4875, 1-877-272-1721 for any and all issues. We do appreciate the opportunity serve you.

In the USA and Canada and you must be licensed real estate broker or salesperson to join.  

Principals, actual buyers and sellers can join in every other part of the world except the USA and Canada until such time as there is organized real estate in your part of the world who have joined ICIWorld and can serve you.

To Join:

Invoice USA & the World

Invoice Canada

Make a payment any amount

Before joining check to see if you are in our database.

If you search and find your name, request your id and password to be sent by EMail.

Return to, and click on Log In Get to Log In Member Management Page.

Click on Login on the left.

Follow instructions and renew / join from there.

Click on Log In Help on the left to get your log in id and password sent to you by EMail.

If you do not get your password by EMail within 3-5 minutes, call our office 1-877-272-1721.

Renew Membership: Click here to Renew a Membership then log in on the left hand side with the red diamonds. Welcome and support pages provided on joining.

Special for Real Estate Associations, Real Estate Boards, Chapters, Companies.

Sponsorship Program

ICIWorld Education and Assistance Second to None!"Unparalleled support of any service in the world." Comment from a member.

This is a world real estate broker center of Haves and Wants. Every single broker and salesperson in the USA and Canada and every business consultant and owner in the rest of the world for both residential AND commercial will benefit from various specialized Internet marketing and networking real estate tools.  And we will help you every step of the way.  Technical support provided by printouts, checklist, manual, videos, and free telephone support world wide.

After you join and you have read through materials.

Immediately upon joining you receive:

  • Receipt you can print out;
  • Welcome Instruction Page to print out;
  • Startup Checklist to print out;
  • How to Enter Information print out;
  • Marketing Plan print out;
  • Access to Seventeen Video Training Programs.  You simply click and play them on your computer;
  • Real estate web sites, residential and/or commercial  (on request);
  • Web site real estate manual;
  • Instructions for your web site designer to place revenue producing links on all your other web sites;
  • Free technical support in your office over the phone, weekends included;
  • You will have immediate access to all listings and;
  • You can start placing your Haves and Wants immediately for world wide exposure. They instantly appear on over 18,000 places throughout the Internet and are EMailed out to the industry automatically.  Responses in many cases can be instant and best within one week. Refresh your ads every 30-90 days for best results (just modify an ad, two clicks);
  • Ads work 24 hours per day, seven days per week until you delete or modify them as long as you are a member.
  • Expired members ads go to an expired listing area and remain available to members;
  • Daily Webinar Workshops are provided live on line world wide. Listen by phone or use your computer (VOIP) to talk and listen. Works from everywhere on the planet earth. We recommend a USB headset.
  • If you have not done business in the first 90 days, call me!
  • Contact us anytime.

Once you have joined and have read the Welcome Instruction Page and have everything set up we recommend:

  1. log in to your web site once per month;
  2. add and search listings from time to time;
  3. promote your web site and all the listings on it.
  4. attend special Webinars from time to time, ie: How To Promote Your Web Site, Information Tuneup, guest speakers, etc.

Web sites are free for one month and then $19.95 per month subject to our distributor's policies if you wish to continue them. Almost all keep them now because they are like billboards generating leads and they are powerful Internet tools to serve your prospects and clients. There are 1.4 billion people on the Internet.  Why not provide great services for them this way? We help you every step of the way.

It is like an auto club membership where all services and new services are added but the membership stays the same. 


  • Includes unlimited ads . . . all year long;
  • Includes unlimited access to all ads in Database 1 and Database 2 FSBO's;
  • Includes links to real estate ads that go on YOUR own web site;
  • Includes residential and commercial web sites, totally set up by us and customizable by you;
  • Includes search engine optimization, Internet marketing, networking, tips, tricks, concepts, ideas and technology tools, all designed for every single real estate broker and salesperson in the world to generate leads and serve the public.
  • Includes powerful links for your web sites that generate leads;
  • Includes support and training by telephone, printouts, videos, daily Webinar workshops;
  • Includes access to all listings including 11,000 listings placed by the public;
  • Includes distribution of your listings to the public by EMail;
  • Includes powerful listing tools with lists of active buyers;
  • Includes powerful selling tools, display of colorful photos, virtual tours;
  • Includes an option to provide exposure of your residential and/or commercial listings on thousands of other brokers web sites on the Internet;
  • more . . .

Summary Includes:

  1. Unlimited access to all information in Database 1 and Database 2 FSBO's.

  2. Place Unlimited Have and Want Ads into a world searchable database; and instant and automatic delivery by EMail to the real estate industry and the public; If you are not a member you miss reaching this world audience of people interested in real estate.  See statistics.



    These are revenue producing links for YOUR web site.

    It becomes inevitable that you will generate leads unless you have no traffic going to your web site and we have solutions for that!

    Add content of real estate ads to all YOUR web sites
    with simple links.

    We help you do it all.

    People are looking for listings on the Internet. Now you will have thousands of real estate ads, all structured so that you get the calls. 

    These links up date themselves daily and you do not have to do a thing.

    This can be the number one reason why people will return to your web site regularly to check for new listing!!!

    Leads For a Lifetime links. 96% of people are searching for listings. Now you will have both commercial and residential real estate listings especially structured in a way that you get the calls! Do referrals. Do direct business.

    There are 50-100 new ads added daily automatically and you do not have to do a thing. It brings people back to your web site to check for new listings regularly. 

    This is unlimited leads off the Internet for you.  This is not a pay for lead service. This generates leads off the Internet.

    These are great leads because the people doing the searching already know the type of property, the price and size and a general location. 

    Members can do referrals and or show the property themselves.

    Every broker and salesperson in the world will make money with just this one feature. It is inevitable.

    Without a membership you are missing one of the most powerful Internet tools to help you do business by generating leads.

    NOTE: If there is one thing better than listing and selling real estate it is referrals.  Why?  because they average $3,000 to $10,000 and more. The only reason salespeople do not do referrals is because they do not get the leads.  Now you will.  There are over 1 Billion people on the Internet. We show you how to generate traffic so that the public sees these ads and they have to call you.  This works for every single member of ICIWorld who learns how to make it work. We help you every step of the way.

  4. Turn key web site

    Web sites display thousands of residential and commercial listings in a way that YOU get the leads. This makes them the most powerful on earth.

    Everyone should embrace the concept that web sites are like billboards.  You can have more than one and if they are all generating leads then why not? Particularly if they work automatically by themselves updating themselves 50-100 new listings a day and you do not have to do a thing. *except log in to in once per month, add your listings from time to time, promote it.

    $5,000-$10,000 looking web site.

    Web sites are free for one month and then $19.95/mo. or $199/year subject to change at any time.

    You can even sell advertising on your web site. You can trade for advertising on your web site with mortgage brokers, etc. Yes you can sell cars, services, products from your web site.

    The special difference from all other web sites in the world is the thousands of residential and commercial real estate ads all structured in a way that you get the leads. Do referrals. Do direct business; 96% of people searching for real estate are searching for listings!  If you have a web site with 20 listings or 2,000 listings, which one will trigger more calls for you.

    Web sites are customized for you in the way you do business and for your area.

    DONE BY OUR OFFICE AND WE ALSO SHOW YOU HOW TO PROMOTE A WEBSITE (On video and a printout). You can use this information for all your other web sites as well.

    Web sites deliver daily listings to your prospects.

    Web sites deliver a note to your cell phone when people visit your web site.

    Once you have the link to ICIWorld information on your web site, you will never again send people to ICIWorld.  You should only send them to your own web site to see all the information on ICIWorld.

    If you are not a member you miss this most powerful tool, a storefront of listings to serve the public tailored with how you do business. Do referrals and/or direct business.

    "I have been a real estate broker for over 35 years and this is one of the best and most powerful services for every single real estate broker and salesperson in the world."

    It is absolutely inevitable that you do business unless you have a material defect in your membership or no traffic going to your web site. We have solutions for both of these situations.


  5. Full access to Database 1. Only about 4,000 can be seen by the public; If you are not a member you miss opportunities to meet people with whom you can do business.

  6. Full access to Database 2 FSBO's, over 9,000 real estate Haves and Wants placed by the public.  Only members have full access; If you are not a member you miss opportunities directly from the public.

  7. Database 2 FSBO Area - receive Haves and Wants by EMail for members only; If you are not a member you miss opportunities directly from the public on a daily basis.

  8. A database of your own listings on your web site. It is a link to your listings for your web site. Add a commercial listing to ICIWorld and it is instantly on your web site.  Add residential homes directly to your web site;

  9. Add, modify, delete, mark sold, unlimited Haves and Wants, all year long; This removes the cost to advertise your opportunities to the public all year long on one of the largest web sites in the world for real estate.

  10. Distribution of all new listings to the public by EMail. Over 10,000 EMails deliver information to the public daily. Some of the best responses are within 24hr to 48hr of placing a listing; It would take you thousands of hours to build databases to reach all the people who subscribe to receive daily listings by EMail.

  11. Resource Center. We let every discover it upon joining. Access to personal and business information compiled over 15 years ideas, concepts, tips, tools that will benefit you the rest of your life. Everyone who sees it says it alone is worth the price of joining;

  12. Training and support in your office over the phone everywhere in the world by way of Daily Webinar Workshops! It is online. Use a USB headset to listen and talk while online. Also other training by windows video streaming media and telephone support. This training includes personal support on how to work with the web site and how to make the web site work for you; One concept, one idea, one tool, one contact, and you make a lot of money. This area has hundreds.  All video training programs included.

  13. Powerful listing tools; statistics, lists of buyers. If you can print out a list of 200 buyers of apartment buildings and your competitor can not, who is going to get the listing? Some say it is the most powerful listing tool on the market today.

  14. Retired brokers program; Have fun the rest of your life doing just referrals. The only reason why brokers do not do referrals is because you do not get the leads.  Now you will; Would you mind doing the odd five minute referral that makes you money? See

  15. Search Matrix for company or group. ICIWorld specializes in the database. Have it appear with the information you want for the people you want. It can help your group network like never before.  It can help your organization grow; It is sophisticated databases formerly reserved for the Fortune 500 companies, tailored to suit your company and/or organization.  See Search Members and Details for a Search Matrix for your organization.

  16. ICIWorld global directory listing; See Search Members.  They even search for a member in our testimonials. You will be surprised how people can find you to do business.

  17. Access to all listings including 9,000 ads placed by the public; Without a membership you can easily miss making connections to do business and not realize it.

Do referrals. Do direct business, all year long with a membership. Based on our experience of helping brokers and salespeople since 1990, we believe this to be one of the most important set of tools that every broker and salesperson in the world should include in their "broker's information tool box."

ICIWorld is free to the public and is supported by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople world wide. It is an information world wide service bureau for all licensed real estate professionals in the world that provides Internet information networking, marketing tools and training for sales people to help them serve the public.

With an economical annual Executive Membership all services are available.

Include ICIWorld as a tool in your marketing plans, the best value on the Internet for real estate professionals and provide this content for the public from . . . your web site . . . in a way that you receive the calls!

ICIWorld was the first Internet real estate Have and Want information service in the world in 1994.  Include it as one tool in your marketing plans. It continues to provide innovative and cutting edge technology tools for the organized real estate industry compatible with other services to serve the public.

If for any reason you are not doing deals, referrals or at the very least making connections to do business, please call us. Everyone can and will do business.

Summary in Detail of Services.

It can all be working for you within minutes.

Printed Materials

Only an Executive Membership includes the following:

  1. Unlimited Have and Want ads displayed to a world and local audience of over 50,000 60,000+ people from over 100 125  countries over 1,500,000 1,800,000 hits per month. See statistics. You can also use these statistics in you when listing property.  It makes for a powerful listing presentation to print out a list of 125 countries you reach.

    Listings instantly appear on over 18,000 places throughout the Internet with your contact information instantly and automatically.

    Distribution by Email to the public. Over 10,000 EMails deliver listings daily to the public. The public subscribes for the type of information they want.  We deliver it to them.

    Your Have and Want ads remain until you delete or mark them sold.

    The public can call you directly! It is like classified ads in a newspaper but to a world AND local public audience.

    You must be a member to place your information in Database 1 for the public to read and be able to call you directly. It is the ultimate in world wide exposure.

    Your new information and listings that are modified after 30 days are also distributed instantly and automatically to the industry by Email.  One developer reports he has done three deals from the EMails. He does not visit the site.

    Marketing power: Out of 350,000,000 results in google, ICIWorld is at or near top for the words commercial real estate! This means business for you.

    Cost works out to less than 1/10th of 1 cent per line per day compared to a newspaper and to a world audience 10 times as large as the largest newspaper.  Hard to believe but true.

    The powers of the Internet that were formerly afforded only by Fortune 500 companies are now being offered here for your benefit.

    Residential listings over $750,000 are now allowed on ICIWorld. 

    All residential listings can be added to the web site that we distribute to you within minutes of you joining. You can add photos, do slide shows, and your homes will be googled from outer space.


  2. Turn Key Web Site

    Web sites are free for one month and then $19.95 per month subject to our distributor's policies. 

    One of the major tools of the Internet. Think of it in the same way that you have a tool box at home to fix things. You buy tools to help you around the house. A web site is a tool to help you do business. Add it to your marketing and information tool box of power tools.

    Ready within minutes of joining!

    Full training provided by way of printouts, videos, a manual and telephone support in your office over the phone to help you learn how to use it effectively and to gain traffic that generates leads for you to do business.

    If you already have a web site, this training will benefit you too by helping you to get more traffic to the web site and by the special links we suggest you place on all your web sites.

    They automatically update themselves with hundreds of new listings both residential and commercial real estate daily. This brings people back to your web site regularly.

    These are $5,000 to $10,000 looking web sites . . . all for $240 per year.  Ask us and we will explain how it's done.

    Web sites are included in your membership whether you use them or not.  You just have to ask for one.

    Customizable.  Add links, change content, graphics, styles, color, and much more.

    Commercial real estate web sites. 

    Residential real estate web sites.

    Combinations of both.

    All within minutes!

    Set it up on the phone now 1-877-272-1721 Call us to see samples.

    Your domain name working within sixty minutes! You can start publicizing it! You will always send people to your web site to see listings, not to ICIWorld.  ICIWorld becomes a back end search engine for you supplying you content in a way that you get the calls.

    We call it the "Mercedes Benz of web sites" on the Internet. There are major marketing tools you can place on them for networking, advertising, communicating on behalf of and for your prospects and clients. We show you how every step of the way.

    Do you already have one web site? We suggest you have two. Why? They are like billboards and if the one we set up for you makes you $50,000 per year and your other one makes you money, then why not? And you can the two.  There are advantages to having two that we will share with you later.

    Residential web sites are part of a network of over 70,000 80,000 real estate brokers and salespeople advertising residential homes.  You will have the choice to advertise their listings also in a way that generates leads for you.

    Add photos of your properties and make slide shows. We show you how.  Your clients will love it.

    Web sites do not generate leads by themselves.  It is content on a web site that generates leads, and now you will have great content and provide a great service to the public.

    When you advertise your homes they can be "Googled" from outer space. We teach how to place the longitude and latitude to make this work for you. These are powerful marketing and selling tools. There are so many features it may very well be the best of all your web sites.

    We also provide a very productive link on your web site to the real estate ads that are on ICIWorld.  They are structured in a way that you get the calls! One broker has reported doing 15 referrals in one three month period.

    Do referrals. Do direct business.

    77% of people looking for real estate use the Internet to search for real estate! 96% are searching for listings. Provide them with listing content and especially in a way that YOU get the calls. People are online. They want this kind of information. Give it to them immediately upon joining!

    This is one tool that every broker and salesperson in the world can have!  It is so easy we set it all up for you within minutes!

    Choice of residential or commercial or a combination of both with links to thousands of residential and/or commercial real estate ads that change daily automatically that generates leads for the rest of your life. This is your customizable web site that is live because of the daily content changes. 

    We include a private, secret and competitive document and 90 minute training session on "How To Promote Your Website." More traffic means more leads and direct business. Complete support and training available.

    Help Training Videos for the public and,  other help educational training videos for the private and exclusive use of Executive Members only.  Gives you a competitive edge in the market place no matter where in the world you are located!


  3. "Leads for a Lifetime" link. 

    Make the ICIWorld service from YOUR web site! You get the leads!  It is links from your web site to thousands of residential homes for sale, thousands of commercial real estate ads, all in a way that you get the leads.

    Do referrals.

    Do direct business.

    It takes only a few minutes to set up. It will be one link on your web site. It links to over 10,000 real estate Have and Want ads all structured in a way that YOU receive the leads. Do referrals. Do direct business.

    In fact our retired brokers are keeping this one service in their retirement years! Would you mind doing a five minute referral that makes you $10,000 while you are retired?

    This is beneficial for every broker and salesperson in the world. You are providing a great service to the public. You are part of a world brokers network where brokers have agreed to allow you to advertise their listings! 

    If you already have a web site, send this link instructions for your web site designer to your web site designer after you have joined.  That's it! Receive leads for a lifetime.

    It is like having classified ads on YOUR web site in a way that YOU get the calls.  Does it work?  See testimonials

    Don't cancel your other services. Just add this to the services you provide the public.

    You can simply add this service to your marketing plans. 

    It makes your web site "live" because there are 50-100 new listings a day coming in onto your web site!  It brings people back to your web site to check for new listings.

    You no longer send people to ICIWorld to look for listings. You should now always send people to your own web site to look for listings and call you back with the message numbers.

    Follow up and do deals and/or referrals.

  4. Full access to Database 1 Over 9,000 real estate Have and Want ads placed by brokers and salespeople, including solds and expireds. Only about 4,000 are available to the public.  It is people  connections to do business. It is connections to people that can help you do deals. By identifying people who are doing the kind of business you want to do, is a major saving of time and money and helps you serve people successfully.

  5. Full access to Database 2 FSBO's over 9,000 real estate Have and Want ads placed by the public with full access to members only. There is a limited view to the public only.

    You deal direct with the public.

    Includes residential buyers and sellers. 

    This is also great source of referral opportunities as well as direct business.

    Many double enders are started from this database.

    Members can subscribe to receive these private ads by EMail daily.

  6. Database 2 FSBO Area. Only members can receive Haves and Wants by EMail the moment they are placed by the public in Database 2. These are private Have and Want ads from principals, buyers and sellers. The moment you as a member receive an email you can deal directly with the buyer or seller principals as it contains contact information.


  7. A database of your listings on your web site!

    The moment you add a Have or Want listing to ICIWorld, it instantly appears on YOUR home page. It is unlimited advertising all year long for you and they all appear on your home page.  In other words you have a personal database on your own web site. The results can appear to the public in different ways by sorting in different ways.

  8. Add, modify, delete, mark sold, unlimited Haves and Wants, all year long,  with a membership.  It is an easy to fill in form online you can fill in from any computer in the world attached to the Internet.

    It is unlimited advertising all year long with an economical membership.

    Your Haves and Wants will also appear on over 18,000 other pages throughout the Internet instantly and automatically.

    Your listings are circulated throughout the industry world wide. This happens instantly and automatically.  There are over 10,000 EMails delivering information to the public. You just have to place your Have or Want once and all this happens instantly and automatically.

  9. Distribution of all new listings to the industry world wide by EMail.

    Distribution of all listings that are modified after thirty days.

    There are presently over 10,000 EMails that deliver Have and Want information daily to the public by way of over 200 selected EMail List Servers. These are public list servers where the public can subscribe to receive information. You must be a member to have your information distributed to the public by email. The public subscribed to receive your listings by EMail.

    You must be a member to receive EMail of new listings placed by the public in Database 2.

    This is a major world circulation of your information by Email to the world. You just have to place it once and the distribution begins immediately! Many actually receive calls within minutes of placing information on ICIWorld.

  10. Resource Center  Information tools gathered over ten years that help you in your everyday business and personal life.

    Everyone agrees it is worth the price of an Executive Membership all by itself. Just one of many services from ICIWorld. One tip can save you hundreds of dollars.

  11. Weekly training workshops We stopped doing this because we have something else better and more convenient.  We have captured the conference training workshops and placed them on video here for you.

    One of the true value added benefits you offer the public today is your information handling abilities. Learn new skill talents that will help you market and network more effectively, the power of linking, and much more.

    Education is Power! You can have a jet outside your door but if you do not know how to fly it you still are not going anywhere.

    Everyone knows that in football you tackle, block, etc. But there is only one team that wins the Super Bowl. Learn in these simple to follow seminars.

    Learn how to use the Internet effectively in the marketing and networking of real estate information.

    Educational training sessions are private to our members only. They are a competitive secret advantage for our members and are not shared with non members.

    Help Training Videos for the public and,  other help educational training videos for the private and exclusive use of Executive Members only.  Gives you a competitive edge no matter where in the world you are located!

  12. Powerful Listing Tools

    Print out a list of over 125 countries in color to show your marketing reach around the world and use in your listing presentations.

    You are connected to the rest of the world from your location. See statistics.

    If you are from a small town you will be able to demonstrate the power you have to network world wide.

    You should print the statistics list showing the people from a list of over 100 countries you are reaching! 

    It is the power of an industry to help you in your individual affairs. It is a major competitive advantage.

    Print out a list of buyers. It shows how well connected you are in the market place. You literally can pick up the phone in many cases and make appointments to show the property once they list with you.  It can be that fast.  It is a major competitive advantage.

    Print out the testimonials! There are over forty pages! It is among the most deals being done on the Internet that we see reported.

  13. Retired Brokers Program.  If you are a retired broker, would you mind doing the odd five minute referral that makes you $10,000? Two ways this happens. One is from the web site with content that we totally set up for you. One is from Database 2 where the public adds their Haves and Wants and you can contact them. This is a total turn key set up.  We do it all for you.  You just have to order it. May we show you how it works! Or better yet just get it going and be surprised how well it can work for you!

  14. Search Matrix for major real estate companies, chapters, councils, real estate boards, overlay boards, and more. You can have a page on the Internet illustrating all the Haves and Wants of your group! See design samples. It can help your group obtain new members because they would have to be a member to get their Haves and Wants in your group. Promote networking, network information to serve the public and your members.

    We have samples of how people within their own organizations did not realize others in their company had a buyer when they had the property! Put an end to this lack of communication. Get one of ICIWorld's search matrix's for your group!

  15. Listing in the ICIWorld Directory. It is not just the listings through which you will make connections. People search for a real estate professional to help them by state, province, specialty, market area and much more.  You will have your phone number available to them, links are provided for your EMail and to your home page.

    People call members directly to have their properties, their Haves and Wants  listed on ICIWorld.

    See who is in your state, province and if there are no results, then it means if you join you will have all the readership and leads coming to you.  There are over 60,000+ people readership.

    When people call us by telephone, we supply at least three members in an area that can help them.  When a person wants to place information in Database 1 they must use a real estate broker member.  The public can not join this service. They can place their information in Database 2 which is free but there is limited exposure and only members can read their contact information.

    See testimonials. Among the most deals we see being done on the Internet.

    Advertising on ICIWorld works out to less than 1/10th of 1 cent per line per day to a market bigger than a newspaper, over 600,000,000 people.  It is hard to believe but true.

    On joining

Call 1-877-272-2721 for assistance anytime. Time is money.

Please consider us as a personal marketing and information assistant to you personally.

Add over 10,000 listings to your web site in a way that you get the leads. Details.

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Using a credit card you will have instant access.

Hi Tech . . . Low Cost

Once you are registered book your appointment for training.
Call Sid in Marketing 1-877-845-1381 in Florida or  416-214-4875

Full amount by check.  Fill in the Membership Application and stop before inputting credit card information.
You will be in the database and ready to get started.  Send your check and the moment we receive it you will receive a Welcome EMail Package indicating how to get started.  You can set an appointment for training with us now or wait until we receive your check and we will contact you.

By Credit Card

By Post Dated Check (same as for check) 8 months service.

By Bank Wire Transfer

By Western Union to Gary Nusca, CCIM Canada

The Market ICI World Commercial Real Estate Network
2 Bloor St. W., 
Suite 100-A
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4W 3E2
Fax. 416-214-4763

Available for Licensed Real Estate Brokers and/or Salespeople.

minutes to subscribe and start placing Haves/Wants!

Unlimited Haves and Wants for global distribution . . . all year long!

Access to over 6,000 listings in the private FSBO Area! Deal direct and/or work referrals!

Add a link to YOUR HOME Page to thousands of Haves and Wants one link in a way that people have to call you for further information!

Your listings EMailed automatically and instantly to the industry world wide!

Training and technical support included!

Powerful Listing Tools!

Powerful Selling Tools!

Note to Executive Members:

You will not send people to ICIWorld every again once you join. 

You will only send people to  YOUR own web site to see all these listings world wide. 

  • This way they must contact you for more information.

  • Do referrals

  • Do direct business.

  • Everyone makes connections to do business.  See testimonials.

Referrals average $3,000-$10,000 and five minutes to do.
It's all about working smarter . . . not harder.

Everything is completely automated starting here on line. 

You can have full access within three minutes and be adding your information. Click on an invoice below.

 On joining . . .

Corporate Special

Everyone in your organization, company, association, franchise, group, chapter may join for $240/yr. each. We waive the $79 signup fee for each one.


  • Put an ICIWorld Search Matrix on your corporate web site.  See samples This helps everyone see all your sales people's haves and wants at a glance with contact names and numbers of your salespeople. It helps them do business!
  • Put a link to 16.000 real estate ads on your corporate web site in a way that your salespeople get the calls.  Details. This generates leads for a lifetime for your sales people.
  • Three or more people sign up at one time or within 30 days.
  • There is some form of promotion within the company, organization, group, association, etc.
  • Signup here. Call for the id and password.
  • You can print out the invoice.
  • Contact us for your specialized search matrix for your company. We will send you the link. You place this link on your corporate web site.

On joining:

  1. Print out your receipt; print out the Welcome Instruction Page; print out the Marketing Plan that contains concepts which are the difference between doing deals and not doing deals;
  2. Log in to the service by following instruction in the Welcome Instruction Page.
  3. Call our office to request a web site or send an EMail and request a web site. It is free with your membership. Hundreds and hundreds have it and are ordering them.
  4. If you already have a web site, click here for instructions to send instructions for all your web sites to all your web site designers. These are revenue producing links that make money for all real estate salespeople.
  5. Once you have logged in to your web site, contact us again so that we will add special links to YOUR web site in a way that YOU get the calls. We totally set up your first web site.  You can change it totally.
  6. Start adding unlimited Haves and Wants within 5 minutes;
  7. Immediate access to over 8,000 Haves and Wants placed by the public;
  8. Call now or book a fifteen minute appointment for an orientation and to add your first Have and/or Want.
  9. Full training and support provided.

When you need assistance contact us world wide free or 416-214-4875 or 1-877-272-1721, 7am-10pm 6 Days per week.

Invoice you can print out and to get started:

Invoice USA & World

Invoice Canada.

ICIWorld is not a real estate board type listing service.  It is more like classified ads in a newspaper. The same way you might advertise in a newspaper, is how you might advertise here. We recommend that you do not place addresses in your listings. Qualify people first and know who you are dealing with and then and only then we suggest you can give information on the property.

Properties from $3M-$100M+ You may simply state a continent, or the country, the type of property, and a price.  Qualify the callers and choose who you want to work with.  Now on our way to almost 1,000 members doing this successfully. Everything is automated on line with printouts and training videos. You can call us anytime for assistance world wide free.

If you would like to advertise free in your local newspaper all year long for free, then you definitely should be a member here.  Because 74% of people who search for real estate and many who use classifieds, search for real estate on the Internet. You can place unlimited ads all year long.

Uniqueness of ICIWorld There are 2.4 billion people using the Internet.  Are you doing all you can to have those interested in real estate to contact you and vice versa? Special handling of real estate Have and Want information can make one a lot of money. There are special unique ICIWorld Internet tools and opportunities for licensed real estate brokers and salespeople world wide that are not available on any other service. Here are some.

Click on one of the following to get started.  Your information will be in a database that is receiving over 1,800,000 hits per month, from over 18,000 pages on the Internet world wide, and your information will be delivered to the industry by email with over 10,000 EMails delivering Haves and Wants daily to selected industry wide and mailing lists that people can subscribe to free.

Work your information through the industry, generate contacts that lead to doing deals.

Membership Application USA and the rest of the world - Register.
You will need an identifier.

Membership Application Canadian - Register 


An Identifier is used by computer systems to identify you whenever you log in. 

  • When the form comes up, one way to design your identifier is to use the first letter of your first name, all of your last name,  or use the first part of your email address. Minimum six characters.
  • all in small case letters, 
  • no spaces, 
  • design your own password, no spaces, and it is case sensitive. Minimum six characters.
  • If you have any kind of a problem it could be that someone else has an identifier that is similar and things will not work.  You must change it slightly. Do not fill in this application and register more than once. 
  • Write your identifier and password down in case you forget it. 
  • May we suggest you open up a blank legal size file folder now. 
  • On the tab, write  
  • On the inside front cover at the top, write down the word Identifier and write it in.  This is your login id. 
  • On the next line write the word Password and write it in. (You design it yourself.) 
  • On the next line write Renewal Date and write it in. (365 days, 1 year from today)
  • Place all printed material from ICIWorld in this file.  We will be referring to it later.  All learning materials should be placed in this file.  You will be printing out the training program once you join, Marketing Concepts and Technical Tips for your own web site, Courtesy Notes, "How To" circulars and much more.  This is all designed for people interested in commercial real estate and should be placed in this file, etc. for easy reference.

After you have completed your application, 

  • go to Member Management, 
  • click on Resource Center, 
  • look for Help Files for the Market ICI Network, 
  • print out Marketing Plan and Training Program, 
  • print out Have and Want Sheets. 
  • You should make photo copies of the blank Have and Want Sheets and keep them in a legal size file folder in the top half of your briefcase. 
  • They are like a pilots checklist for a broker. These have and want sheets can be used in your counseling sessions with your buyers and sellers.  They have been designed using information from CCIM Marketing Sessions, SEC marketing sessions and others.

Once you have captured the information by filling in the have or want sheets in pen or pencil you can delegate the information to be placed to your administration staff, yourself or fax it to our office.

It literally takes only one to two minutes to fill out a Have or Want Sheet and this can lead to you  making a great deal of money and serving your clients and prospects successfully.

In our opinion one of the most important industry responsibilities you have is to recognize important information in the market place that can make you money and then write it down first.  Otherwise it is easy to forget, your information may never get worked and you miss making a deal and you don't even know it.

The form that you fill on line is exactly the same. You simply click on Member Management from the Main Menu and fill in the blanks on the form.  

Most everyone says it is easy and we will help you get started when you are ready.

For details on cost and how to get started:
Invoice USA & World
Invoice Canada.

Think of us as your personal marketing and information assistant. You are hiring us to delegate work for us to do. You do not have to supply the office space, desk, computers, long distance accounts, money for servers, programmers, etc. We do it all for you.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

1-877-272-1721 Toll free North America.


You could be a member for ten years and it would cost $2,400 at $240 per year times 10 years.  You could do a referral with the first enquiry as a result of placing one of our special links on your web site to thousands of listings on your web site and make $5,000 and you would have paid for 20 years of service!

All people may join in the UK, Europe, Asia, China, India, Caribbean Basin, Central America, South America, Australia, Mexico, Africa, etc. See Who Can Join?

Once you join we would like all members to be guided by any one of these codes of ethics of these institutions as it is deemed by you and appropriate for you and your situation.

"Success by powering up our customer's (who are licensed real estate salespeople) real estate business with Internet Power Tools for marketing and networking with education and training to succeed making money by helping their customers connect with others to do business."

"Get information generating revenue and working for you and your clients."

"Succeeding by helping others succeed"

Take advantage of "the Information Age."

Since 1994